Aside from editorial recipe creation and food-styling as food editor for New Zealand House & Garden magazine, and crafting my own cookbooks, I also work as a commercial food-stylist, recipe developer and food consultant.

The work of a food stylist is to make a dish look as real and appealing as possible for photography, while following a brief set by the client and/or art director. Sometimes this can involve having to trouble shoot and use lots of different skills to fix problems and make the food look its best. I really enjoy the satisfaction of solving these conundrums.

Beautiful mouth-watering photographs are important. I work with leading food photographers, styling my food for them to capture digitally. This process involves gathering and placing props and backdrops to form a scene, plus of course styling the food to look natural and inviting.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss any collaborations, commercial recipe development or food-styling work. I’d love to be of help.