Simple Deli Food

Simple Deli FoodWith this book Julie aims to demystify the profusion of exotic ingredients available today from the delicatessen and to inspire people to use these flavours in cooking to make simple meals extraordinary. Get to know deli ingredients and be rewarded with taste sensations.

Book Review
‘Written as an encouragement to those wishing to expand their cookery repertoire, but perhaps intimidated by the profusion of delis and their specialty wares, this book is full of deli-inspired, flavour-orientated recipes. Showcasing those ingredients that give such flavour and interest to dishes…the recipes are, on the whole, quick to put together, and the results stylishly modern.’
Australian Gourmet Traveller, February 2003

‘In an engaging style she covers…information to put us on the cutting edge of food trends, and encouragement to give us confidence to try new flavours and ingredients. Her instructions are explicit, the recipes often containing additional cook’s notes to educate and alert the cook to variables and possibilities. Deli terms are explained clearly, and the photographs are mouth-watering.’
Christchurch Star, September 2002

2002 Finalist – World Cookbook Fair (Perigueux, France)